Functional Strength Training


Functional strength training is based around 6 movement patterns: Push, Pull, Twist, Bend, Squat and Lunge. These movements form the basis for all human movements and relate to our everyday day movement necessities as well as the requirements for athletic performance.

For example, we bend and Squat to lift a heavy object, we lunge when running or jumping, we Squat to jump in a sporting activity, we push and pull objects. As well as individually we also use these patterns in sequences e.g. Lunge rotate and push to throw an object.

So functional strength training has a practical purpose to develop strength a in purposeful and a lifestyle appropriate way.

By training in this way lifting and moving one can develop a strong physique with a musculature that is honed for lifestyle, aesthetic, occupational, sport or everyday demands as opposed to building muscles on gym machines that have no real purpose apart from only the aesthetic.

Benefits of functional strength training: prevent osteoporosis, lowered risk of injury, strengthen mental health, self-confidence, enhance sports performance, enhance work performance,  brain health.