Group Training

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The classes that I offer are Natural Movement, Functional Strength Training, Mobility and Posture as well as Tai chi.

As well as these individual modalities I also offer a Cross Training class which has a  combination of Natural Movement, Strength Training, Mobility and Posture.

These classes are fun and engaging where you’ll learn correct methods of strength that have a real-world practical application, as well as natural movements which involve running, jumping, climbing, lifting, self-defence, crawling, balancing and throwing. All movements which are innate and often neglected in modern fitness and adult life. Then we will practice mobility and Posture exercises to bring physical equilibrium, relieve stress and enable full preparation for maximum performance.

I use my experience of teaching classes for over 20 years to help people have fun, enjoy movement, develop skills, work at a level suitable to them and take away skills to practice, develop and build on, creating healthy habits to incorporate in everyday life.

Please pay in person before the class